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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

Editing Macros

 Macro Name Author Vers Date Description
Swap Selections Charles Maurer 1.0 21/7/98 This simple and elegant macro swaps the text selected in two non-contiguous selections.
Collect Macro John Henderson 1.0 18/8/97 This copies noncontiguous selections into the clipboard, inserting a Return between them. Especially useful after 'Find All'.
Make Note John Henderson 1.0 18/8/97 Copies selection to the end of the notes file, adding the date as a header.
DOS to Mac CR John Henderson 1.0 18/8/97 Removes 0A hex after 0D hex to convert the DOS end of paragraph sequence to a Macintosh return character.
Number Convert Macro John Henderson 1.0 18/8/97 Converts automatic numbering (sections, figures, etc.) into text numbers so that this is retained when converting NW documents into other formats. Once done, it cannot be reversed so use only on a copy of the original NW document. NB: Only useful for versions before 5.0.
Select Word(s) Ted Goranson 1.0 25/7/97

Here's what this macro does:

·If you have letters selected, it assumes you know what you are doing and quits

·If you have your cursor in a word somewhere, it selects that word

·If you have your cursor between two words or have selected one (or accidentally more) spaces between two words, it selects both words.

Xref section and

Number Figure

John Henderson ??? 26/5/97

This assists with handling lots of cross-referencing to automatically numbered sections, etc. in big and complicated documents.

This assists with handling lots of cross-referencing to automatically numbered figures, etc. The details are in a NW document which shows how it's done: "Notes on XRef & autonumbers".

Outline Macros Nisus Software ??? ???

Some users have been asking about our old outlining macros on the list. I've enclosed the (much-maligned, and rightly so) outlining macros we used to ship with Nisus Writer (version 4.1 and earlier). I thought you could put them on the Corral page on an "as is" basis. I have no idea if they work with 5.0, but someone out there may be able to get some use out of them.

Joe Kissell

Revision Macros Kirk McElhearn 1.0 17/5/97 I must say that Word's revision feature is pretty cool. Since my wife and I are both translators, and we work together, rereading each other's work, I wanted to do the same thing with Nisus. But Word's feature makes a mess when you want to change something without the other person having to check it. So, I think I did better :-)
Format Reference List Macro Håkan Friberg  1.0 3/19/97 This macro will format a reference list of author-date type at the end of a document, for example one generated by Endnote Plus.
Repeated Names To M-dashes Macro Håkan Friberg  1.0 3/18/97 Change all repeated author names (or equivalent) in a reference list or bibliography. Match has to be exact. If one but not both items indicate editorship or similar, no substitution will take place.
Xref Macros.v3 Charles Lakos  3.0  13/5/95 This set of macros has been designed to help in preparing technical papers by supporting autonumbering, the definition of symbols for cross-referencing sections, sub-sections, figures, equations and for better integration with the application Endnote. Version 3 of the macros works with NisusWriter version 3, i.e. before autonumbering was introduced into the program.
Xref Macros.v5 Charles Lakos  5.0  25/12/96 Version 5 of the above macros, which works with NisusWriter version 5, i.e. after autonumbering was introduced into the program.

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