InfoClick 1.2.3 Release Notes

This is a minor update that adds support for the Touch Bar, sandboxes InfoClick to increase security, and fixes a few small issues.

This is the latest version available.
To update simply replace your old application with the new one (download the update).


  • Added support for the Touch Bar, as found on some new MacBook models.
  • InfoClick is now sandboxed. The first time you use it you may be prompted for access to your email folder.
  • Changed: clearing the search a second time should never display a completion list.
  • Changed: clearing the search a second time should focus a recently used field, not the default field.
  • Fixed: settings for the results list (eg: sort order) are not properly restored in Advanced mode after relaunching.
  • Changed: the list of available search years should be sorted to show the most recent years first.
  • Fixed: malformed emails with giant HTML tags (most likely spam) can cause crashes.
  • Changed: activating find menu commands when the results list has focus should find in the email preview area.