Number Sections

Insert a section number

1. Put your insertion point where you want your new section to begin.

2. Choose the menu command: Insert > Automatic Number > Section Number.

Section numbers appear in both Page View, Draft View and Full Screen view.

Restart section numbers

You can restart your section numbers and have them increment by any full, positive number you want.

1. Open the Section palette.

2. Click the Section tab in the Section palette.

3. Click Restart At and choose the numbering format you want from the Format pop-up menu in the Section palette.

The various number formats available are detailed in “Automatic numbering formats” on page 60.

4. Enter the number you want to have as the first section number of this portion of your document.

5. If you want the page numbers to increment at something other than 1, enter that value in the Increment box in the Section palette.

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