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You sure that's not just Birmingham? ;)
HeatherKay wrote:
Tacitus wrote:And that's just the women.... :-)
Children, actually. The adults generally get too lazy to actually use their mouths for proper communication any more. I think they use text messaging:

Moron 1: "Pub?"
Moron 2: "Ug!"
Moron 1: "Pint?"
Moron 2L "Ug!"

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In the States, at least, even already short words have been shortened for text-efficiency's sake.

Teen 1: "Hw r u"
Teen 2: "k"

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Hmmm. I've seen written Swiss German, definitely not standard german. Back when I could still speak OK standard, I could have fun in Switzerland because not everyone there could tell that my accent was American rather than some local German (my clothing didn't give me away).

I'm living in Japan now, regional dialects seem to be dying out (except for Osaka-region). Part is the imposition of the standard written/spoke language throughout the education system, part is that (except for the Osaka region) TV does not use local dialect. I know people here who can't speak to their grandparents. But unlike Germany, where (?) Luther played a major role through his translation of Scripture, in Japan the Edo/Tokyo dialect is the standard, so it's not something as artificial -- not that any written language is a natural construct.

Anyway, this is remote from NWE issues. At least in OSX10.4.7 I can use the US Extended keyboard to insert macrons, Tōkyō and jūsho. But that's not so much NWE as the Mac OS.
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