Error in Text Analysis?

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Error in Text Analysis?

Post by ferrenm »

I copied an academic paragraph into Nisus, and got its Flesch numbers and Fog Index, etc.

I rewrote the paragraph, using all the devices that used to work -- shorter sentences, shorter words, fewer adverbs, etc.

The score was slightly WORSE.

I checked with other analyzers on the web, and they agreed that the repaired paragraph was more readable.

This strongly suggests that an arithmetic error has crept into Nisus Pro 3.0.2's Text Analysis algorithms.

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Re: Error in Text Analysis?

Post by martin »

Hello Ferren, and thanks for bringing this potential problem to our attention. What you suggest is possible. It's definitely something we want to investigate so we can be sure to get this fixed if needed.

Would you be able to send us the document that Nisus Writer may have scored incorrectly? There are a lot of potential factors here, so it's best if we can see the exact text you're scoring. You could send us the file privately if needed, either via the menu Help > Send Feedback or by email at:

Thanks for your help!

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