TOC and index with multiple documents

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TOC and index with multiple documents

Post by krysttof »

Hello !
I am new with Nisus and I am french, so sorry for my bad english.
Can I create a table of content and an index with multiple documents ?
Thank's for your reply

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Re: TOC and index with multiple documents

Post by martin »

Hello and welcome Krysttof! Please do not apologize for your English, your question is quite clear. The answer is that you cannot create an index or TOC using multiple documents. Nisus Writer will only generate a TOC/index for a single document.

If you have many related files (for example: chapters of a book) that need to be indexed together, I suggest that you join them to create a single file. You can do this after you've finished writing. Nisus Writer can help you join your files using the menu Macro > Document > Join Files.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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