Getting locked in the tools

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Getting locked in the tools

Post by Parelius »

When opening a new document, and then directly going to the tools (writing) just to change the zoom, gets me locked in that posistion - that is, I'm unable to go back to the document again and write. Either i get the klonk sound, or the writing is done in the tools pane.

Same goes for other tools, like the Character.

When doing the same after I have written some words, I have to click in the part of the documet where I have already written to get back into the documment. Clicking below the last line written, I'm locked in the tools again.

What is wrong here?

I forgot to mention, the problem is only in Draft view.

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Getting locked in the tools

Post by rmark »

This happens because sometimes the actual text area does not cover the entire white space there. Thus, you have to click near the top of the Draft View window to get the cursor back. This is a bug that we will fix in the future.
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