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Windows shows virus in document

Posted: 2018-07-26 12:48:59
by bdball
Made my first document in Nisus Writer Express today as a .rtd. Saved it to the cloud and opened it on a windows computer. It popped up as showing this file had Trojan:Script/Cloxer.D!cl

Why would that be? Now I'm nervous about sending documents made in Nisus Writer Express to any Windows users.

Re: Windows shows virus in document

Posted: 2018-08-08 12:12:46
by martin
There are a few possibilities:

1. This is a false positive, ie: the document is clean but was mistakenly identified as infected.
2. The Mac where you created the file is infected.
3. The file was somehow infected as it traveled through whatever cloud services you're using.
4. The file was downloaded cleanly to the Windows computer, but was infected immediately afterwards by a local virus.

It's impossible to know which of the above is the problem, without getting deep into some detailed forensics. You should probably assume the worst and check both your Mac and Windows computers for infections using anti-virus software.

I did briefly lookup the virus name you gave but found very little information about it. I'm not sure how to further advise you, sorry.