Express in Spanish?

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Express in Spanish?

Post by ZaphodBeeblebrox »

Hello to the Nisus crew!

I am impressed by the new version of your software and, even though I already own Mellel, I will gladly buy Nisus Writer Express, but I have got two doubts:

1. When, if ever is it (the interface, the program) going to be translated to other languages such as … ehm, let me think … spanish :P?

2. Do you foresee the translation of the software being implemented with another major update that might require paying upgrade price? I ask this because although I prefer Nisus' interface over Mellel's, I wouldn't like to pay now for it, and then have to pay again just to upgrade so that I can have it in my own language. If that were the case, as I am satisfied will Mellel I guess I'd rather wait until the software is translated.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by Pepechin »

I'm also would like to see Nisus Writer in spanish

.....and with Mail Merge

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Post by Dario_Perez »


I´m a new spanish user of Nisus Writer too. Version 2.1 is great! But, when a spanish version? It´s the only thing I miss. I wait a new revision in my language... soon, please.


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