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dennisg wrote:As for the confusion factor, Charles, why would it be less confusing to lose my character formatting when I apply paragraph formatting?
What happened was that a user would apply a style and not notice any change because they had all these other formatting attributes already applied, which would override the style. Thus, we would get reports from beta testers complaining that styles did not work.

After some thought, we decided that the lesser of two evils would be to remove any user override formatting because at least that way you would be likely to notice it and correct the problem, causing less confusion overall.

I know this is not the ideal solution for what you are doing. We are looking at some ways to refine this feature further.

Charles Jolley
Nisus Software, Inc.

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His question was really quite easy and I don't think many people were understanding it. He didn't want to change the *style* of the text; he wanted to change the color, leaving the rest of the attributes in place. Now, if it is insisted that changing the color changes the style, then so be it. All he wanted to do was change the color, leaving everything else alone. -And add it to a key combo.
I, too, used NW Classic's great ability to easily change the text's color, leaving everything else in place. It seemed that it couldn't be done in NWEx. Well, here's the applescript needed. The color values are RGB, so tinkering around with those values will give you any of the color combinations you desire. Enjoy.

tell application "Nisus Writer Express"
set color of selected text of document 1 to {0, 39321, 0}
end tell


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therev -- that's brilliant! The simple and complete solution after a three-page thread, much of which was a misunderstanding of the original question.

I tried using AppleScript, but for one reason or another, I couldn't get it to work. I thought that it was not understanding "selection", and indeed as rmark ("Official Nisus Person") wrote above: "Using Applescript you can get the selected text, but you can't change it in the document". Gross misunderstanding or simply ignorance?

Anyway, thank you therev.

Incidentally, will the script (or Nisus) only work with 16 bit -5 digit- RGB?
And don't anyone try to paste from therev's post: I had to transcribe it to make it compile properly.

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