Bottom of Save As box off screen on laptop - workaround

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Bottom of Save As box off screen on laptop - workaround

Post by jhecht »

When I do a "Save As" NWE displays a large box showing possible locations. That works fine on my desktop running OSX 10.4.11 on a display with a 1680x1050 pixel display. However, when I run NWE on my MacBook running 10.5.6 on a display with 1280x800 resolution, the bottom part of the dialog box -- including the "SAVE" "Cancel" and "NEW FOLDER" boxes shows only as a line at the bottom of the screen, where it's impossible to reach them to click on them. Thus I can't open a New Folder on the laptop.

It's a maddening problem that showed up after I made a presentation and had to change display resolution in the Display preferences. I've now found a solution -- click on another (lower) screen resolution while the Save As display is open. CHeck it and even less of the Save As box is displayed. Then go back to Display preferences and click on the higher resolution. That will resize the Save As box so it shows the bottom line properly.

I stumbled upon the work-around, which may help others who've gotten stuck on this. Ideally NWE should correct this itself, but it seems to require resetting Display preferences down and back up.

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Re: Bottom of Save As box off screen on laptop - workaround

Post by martin »

The position/settings of the save panel is something OSX manages; Nisus Writer itself never sizes the sheet (aside from the fixed-sized area used for the file format / encoding options). Probably you expanded the height of the dialog at some point, when you had a larger screen. I'm surprised OSX doesn't check and correct for this automatically.

I'm glad you found a work around! Thanks for sharing. You might also have been able to edit (or delete) your Nisus Writer preferences, which I believe is where OSX stores the sizes and settings of the various standard dialogs.

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