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Vanishing icons

Posted: 2010-03-19 06:24:55
by billsoom
All the icons of my files created with Nisus Writer Express have suddenly disappeared and in their place the file icons are blank. Does anyone know a remedy for this?

Re: Vanishing icons

Posted: 2010-03-19 10:23:40
by martin
There are two possibilities:

1. Are the icons you see really blank, or are they just teeny tiny preview thumbnails of your file? OSX introduced this feature recently, but it doesn't help much with text documents and small icons.
2. You might be experiencing this previously reported issue, for which we don't yet have an explanation or a fix.

Re: Vanishing icons

Posted: 2010-03-19 10:47:35
by billsoom
All custom icons have been replaced with plain white document icons similar to those mentioned in the posts that you Martin directed me to.

If the information helps at all, I'm using OS X 10.5.8 on a Power PC G4.