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Bibliographic software... ANY software. Suggestions?

Posted: 2009-03-03 17:10:23
by davidasposted
Hello folks,

I've just switched to Nisus Writer Express v.3.2 (from NeoOffice) and so far I like the program. I use NWE for a variety of purposes, but as I begin to write my dissertation and publish academic articles I find myself in need of compatible bibliographic software. I have a copy of EndNote, however it seems the "Cite While You Write" feature will not work in NWE. I don't mind switching to something else, so long as it does two things: switch between citation styles in-text and in the bibliography as necessary (I usually use the MLA style, but occasionally a journal requires APA, Chicago, or Oxford styles), and do so without a lot of hassle. I have searched this forum and not found any suggestions in this regard.


Re: Bibliographic software... ANY software. Suggestions?

Posted: 2009-03-04 22:41:54
by MacSailor
I haven’t used Nisus Writer Express for a long time (I’m currently using Mellel as my primary writing tool) but I have been using Bookend both with NWE and Mellel and I’m very satisfied with the Bookend application.

Bookend is easy to use and is still a very powerful tool. The support is outstanding.

One question though. If you will be using Nisus Writer while writing your dissertation and publish academic articles, but didn’t you go for the Pro version instead of the Express? I believe that the Pro version is more suited for academic writings.

Re: Bibliographic software... ANY software. Suggestions?

Posted: 2009-03-05 09:37:47
by davidasposted
Thank you for the advice MacSailor!

I will check out Bookends in the next few days. I got NWE instead of NWP because none of the added features in NWP seemed particularly relevant for me. Also, as a student I just don't have the extra $50 to see whether NWP might be handy in the future. NWE has done everything I need it to thus far, however.