New User to Nisus writer express

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New User to Nisus writer express

Post by AnnDuvall » 2009-02-17 09:33:37

I had the demo copy of Pro and created several files, then we (family membership) bought express. How do I convert the files from pro to express? What is the best way to save files so they are word compatible for others.

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Re: New User to Nisus writer express

Post by mrennie » 2009-02-17 10:05:05

Hi Ann, and welcome to Nisus.

The good news is that both Express and Pro use standard RTF as their default file format; you don't need to convert files to go from one version to another, or even from Nisus Writer to other word processors such as Microsoft Word.

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Re: New User to Nisus writer express

Post by martin » 2009-02-17 16:36:49

mrennie is completely correct- Nisus Writer Pro and Express both use the RTF file format. No conversion is necessary.

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