MS Word, NWX & Chinese, does this work ?

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MS Word, NWX & Chinese, does this work ?

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Im having a problem with NWX converting an older Nisus (OS 9) document into a OS X MS Word Doc.

Im a research assistant that writes in different forms of Chinese, and while the documents open in NWX,
when I go to save as a MS Word Doc, the document saves just fine. However, when I open the now converted
document in MS Word, all the chinese is gone and replaced with BOXES. Mind you MS Word Docs that are created
with Chinese display fine...but NWX doesn't convert the chinese.

Mind you these same documents display fine in NWX, aside from the fact that they take upwards of 5 minutes to
open, they do open and for that Im grateful. However, the MS Word Doc conversion for Chinese just isn't working
for me....does anyone know why ?

Im running OS X.2.5 on a 1ghz G4 with 512mb RAM.

Thanks Ahead of time.

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Chinese and Nisus

Post by nimar »

Not really a reply...

I also found no way to transfer a chinese (traditional) out of Nisus Writer Express. From Nisus 6.5 to Nisus Express, everything is fine but after it seems we have no chance to share our writing !

Please can someone share some tips about saving a text file in chinese in order to be read on windows (MS or other...).

Except this, I found Nisus to be the best chinese able software in the mac world.

thanks !

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