Report on typing 3 pages in Hebrew on NEW

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Report on typing 3 pages in Hebrew on NEW

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I hope someone in Nisus is seeing this email for the sake of fixing the program.
I had to type 3 pages in Hebrew in Nisus yesterday. These are the bugs or failings in Nisus that I discovered from this one job.

1) The underline doesn't work with numbers in Hebrew, only text. A client was upset that a Hebrew headline with numbers and letters didn't have underline under the numbers. I could only apologize and say I will work to solve the problem soon.
2) The justify paragraph command doesn't work with the end of the paragraph, and the text appears choppy.
3) The bi-directionality is a constant problem, both whether typing in Hebrew or English. Since you have to choose the language for an entire file, when you type in a language with a different directionality, it keeps reverting to the other directionality. When I try to reopen a file which looked perfect when it was closed, colons and periods now appear thrown to the end of the line with spaces gone. Even in an English file, whenever I paste English text down, it automatically switches it to Left to Right directionality.
4) No straight underline if one wants to put a line somewhere not under text.
5) I tried applying 10 of my Hebrew fonts to text and the result was a disaster. I had a line which ran like this .
בקשה לעיכוב 01-04893-07-6
It only appeared this way in Arial Hebrew. When I selected all the other fonts, the spaces and dashes between the words disappeared, and the numbers suddenly appeared as 789.
6) The Israeli fonts also appear strange in the palettes, not as their true names, but in some garbled Hebrew.
7) The Find and Research is inferior to the one in the past. I tried a simple attribute find and replace function using a wild card which had always worked in the past and didn't work now.
8) When I use the Remove attributes (with or without styles), in addition to removing all attributes from the text, it turns the text into 12 pt Times so one has the additional headache of changing back the font and size.
9) Style sheets are far more confusing than Nisus's previous easy ones.

I haven't done much work on NWE yet to see other disadvantages or advantages the program may have. Unfortunately, the misery I have experienced so far makes it impossible to continue using it.

I ask anyone on this forum if they have any way to correct the above problems, because if not, I can't remain with Nisus. I mourn the beautiful interface and functionality which I once had on Nisus beginning with version 3 and which got better all the way through Nisus Classic. Unfortunately, NWE cannot even compare to version 3.

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I gave up with Nisus

Post by Tzur »

There are so many problems with the new Nisus and Hebrew, that I've given up to ask for help.
One of my main concerns was about the cantillation marks. There is nothing to do. Doesn't work.
Now I work with another program, which is perfect.
But still it is difficult for me to think that Nisus doesn't work properly with languages.
Good Luck


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