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What feature would you most like to see incorporated into NWE 3?

Wrapping around images
Widow/Orphan and Keep with Next
Table of Contents/Indexing/Cross-referencing
Improved Outlining/Lists
All of the above
None of the above (leave comment to add option)
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Post by mrennie »

If I have understood your feature request, you're looking for a way to convert hard line breaks into regular spaces to have a single, flowing paragraph. There's an excellent piece of freeware by Devon Technologies, called <a href="http://www.devon-technologies.com/produ ... Service</a>, which installs several extremely useful commands in your Mac's Services menu. One of them is called "Trim Line Endings", which I believe is just what you are looking for. And best of all, since it's a service, you can use it in every application that uses Mac OS X's Services, not just Nisus Writer Express.

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Post by ojamandar »

What comes at the top of my Christmas wish list:

I'd like to be able to do simple line drawings and diagramming on my documents, like transparent &/v opaque boxes and circles and triangles etc., connecting them with lines, arrows, etc. This certainly was one of the features I liked best with Nisus Solo Writer.

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Post by HeatherKay »

I work in draft mode most of the time, and it would be really nice for the insertion point to remain in the middle of the page as I work. At the moment, until the page is full of text, it's fine. After that, I'm peering at the bottom of the screen all the time. I end up shortening the window so I'm typing in the middle.

Yeah, I know it's like that dratted Word program, but that's the only thing that really bugs me about NWE these days.

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Post by brl... »

Thanks for the suggestions and links. They shorten my wish list -- always a good thing.

The "Reformat" command in WordServices is just like "join" only better, since it also removes > characters from email text.

The "Form Paragraph" macro also works well.


I had forgotten about the "menu keys" preferences. Thanks! Nice clean interface.


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feature requests

Post by kcheney »

I'd like to see:
• annotations (with searchable categorization as I posted elsewhere).

• intralinear glosses, lines of (usually smaller) text that appear above the words of a line.

• links and markers within a document. Perhaps this is the same as "cross-referencing" in the poll on features. [The old NW had Markers that appeared in the menu, and served as a rough-and-ready and simplified substitute for both annotations and TOCS (I mention this to illustrate the utility of markers, not to suggest they be implemented in place of annotations or TOCS). Select a marker from the menu, and you were transported thither. Use standardized markers such as "Factcheck - 1", "Factcheck - 2", or "Needs rewrite 1" "Needs rewrite 2" and you had an easy way to buzz through the document making changes. ]

• a "display all" for search results showing all hits as clickable links in a portion of the sentences where they occur. Being able to saave these would be wonderful.

• something like the old Catalog Search, to search specified files or all files in a folder, and then display results as described above.

• a "document navigator," like that in the CopyPaste Clip Editor (quite a capable little word processor with some neat features) which shows the structure of the document in a sidebar.

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Post by hatchmo »

Text in front of graphics.
Al Hatch

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Patrick J
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Post by Patrick J »

  • Style aware find and replace.
  • Automatically updating styles.
  • Make it such that the user can clear out the macro menu of the supplied default macros.
  • Improved AppleScriptability such that, for example, margins can be changed on a group of documents.
  • Document Map, like Word.
  • Cross referencing and markers.
  • Make it such that "Nisus Documents" folder can be put anywhere the user chooses.
  • Mail-merge.
  • Simple graphics capability implemented exactly as it was in Nisus Writer classic, which was excellent in that there was a separate graphics layer which the user "switched to" out of the text layer. Include T bars as a tool in the graphics creation capability.

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Post by neuron »

Would love:

1. Split windows

2. Track Changes

3. Bookends Integration

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draft view

Post by neuron »

I second the request for improvements to the draft view...

When you get to the bottom of the screen, you keep typing at the bottom. A little space just gives you less of a cramped feeling.

Also, I would prefer a little room on the sides and top in draft view as well. I feel like I'm about to fall off a cliff!


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Post by barsoomcore »

Patrick J wrote:
  • Make it such that "Nisus Documents" folder can be put anywhere the user chooses.
Or not exist at all. Seriously, this drives me CRAZY. It's embarrassing.

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