Couple of feature requests

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Couple of feature requests

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Small ones I think, but nice ones:

1. Don't have carats assume the height of line spacing, but the height of the font. Eg if I have a 11pt font but a 2x line spacing, the carat is 2x high as the text. If I'm switching between body and heading styles, I can't tell from the carat height which one I'm in. It's just disconcerting.

2. Allow me to set margins for when in full screen mode so that the text doesn't run edge to edge. If I'm on a 23" screen, that's a lot of words on a line!! Impossible to read, in fact. I use Chronos SOHO Notes as well and it has a full screen mode (with a short cut command thank you) that lets me set custom colors, which is nice as I can make something less glaring than black on white when I'm running full screen.



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