NWE and Leopard?

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NWE and Leopard?

Post by Digimarkus »

If early reports are true, Leopard may bring significant improvements to the Mac OS X text engine. This is the basis of NWE, if I understand things correctly. According to this report Apple http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=1957 plans to deliver a system-wide grammar checking facility, smart quote support, automatic link detection and support for copying and pasting multiple selections.

If true, Nisus should be able to easily add some new features to NWE next year. At least once people start making the move to leopard. Anyways, I just encouraged that Apple seems to be still working to improve their text engine inn OS X.

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Post by Patrick J »

That is a most interesting article.

It mentions a system-wide grammar checking facility.

Well I don't mind having that but what I'd really like is a decent interface for the current system-wide spell checking facility.

If you go to Spelling… in the Edit menu you'll see the interface that exists.

The extremely poor thing about this interface is that you can't see the words added to your "user dictionary". You can add them and subtract them if you wish; but you can't actually ever see them so you can't really do this very intelligently.

It's true that if you go to the User's Library folder there is a folder called "Spelling" and inside that is your "user dictionary". This will open in Nisus Writer Express and there are the words in your "user dictionary" but they are separated by a weird gremlin like character. Also they don't behave as you'd expect, so if you add a word then it appears, subtract ("Forget") a word though and it appears again; now it's there twice.

Anyway imho this is really poor and I'd really like Apple to have a proper interface for the user dictionary just like in every other spell checker I've ever used including freeware ones.

End of rant :)

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