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problems exporting to .pdf

Posted: 2006-07-03 10:45:16
by disfasia
Hi--I have had great difficulty exporting a nisus w.e. file to pdf. The pdf happens, but all my hyperlinks are lost. Can you help me out with this?




Posted: 2006-07-03 12:13:03
by ssampler
NWX 2.7 OS X 10.4.7 PB G4 1.5

Like you, I have found that working links in Nisus did not always translate to working links from the PDF file. I have a work-around.

1. First, for folks who haven't tried hyperlinks: I've found that linking from within NWX document works only if the URL is a FULLY qualified web address. For example, "" works but "" does not. The text that is associated with the link can be anything--for example "search google.'

2. But if a nisus document with working links is saved or printed as a PDF file, the links work only if:

a. The file is opened in Adobe Reader (I have v 708). The links won't work in Preview or PDFPen.

b. The TEXT associated with the hyperlink is itself a working URL.

Both "" and "" work, but "search google" and "" do not.

For some reason, in the PDF file the hyperlink loses the color and underlining that it had in Nisus.

3. There's more: If you plan to share your document only as a pdf file, you don't need to create a hyperlink in NWX at all. All that is necessary is that you write in a working URL (for example ""). Adobe Reader recognizes these URLs and creates the appropriate hyperlinks. As a bonus, if you color and underline the URL in NWX (with no hyperlink), the PDF hyperlink will retain these attributes.

Good luck!