Various bugs in NWE 2.7

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Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus
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Various bugs in NWE 2.7

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1) Autocorrect distinguishes between certain lowercase and Sentence case words.
Example: I added copmany–>company. NW autocorrects this entry if I type "copmany" but not if I type "Copmany."
This happens not only with the words I add but also with some words already in NW.

2) The old bug from one of the RC is back—Null selection. With nothing selected, pressing Command-C will empty the Pasteboard zeroing any previously copied content (even though this command is grayed out properly).

Bummer. :(
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slow typing

Post by gemboy27 »

I am without internet for a few days -- due to a move (at the local community college) and I have noticed the glitches where there is a hesitation before the text you are typing appears has gone away.

Could it be related to internet connections??

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