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Auto-suggest while typing

Posted: 2005-12-31 09:26:41
by Sunshine

I downloaded the demo version of Nisus Writer Express. For the most part I like it, but have one problem. Is there a way to permanently disable the auto suggest feature while typing? That pop-up box is most distracting; so much so that it will keep me from purchasing an otherwise excellent product.

I've checked the help and turned off everything that looks like it might work, but that annoying box keeps popping up.

I've been on a month-long quest to find a Mac word processor to replace my beloved WordPerfect. I thought I'd found it with NWE, but that annoying box has got to go!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Micki Ruiz


Posted: 2005-12-31 10:39:19
by ninjagame
Go to "Preferences", menu "General", and uncheck "Suggest completions as you type" in the "Document Options" paragraph.
BTW: Welcome to the NWE community!


Auto-suggest while typing

Posted: 2006-01-01 06:51:48
by Sunshine
Thanks, ninjagame. I thought I'd turned that off, but apparently I missed it. That did the trick.


Posted: 2006-01-03 14:28:15
by Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus
This is one of the funniest features. Try typing the word typing with that feature on. Better yet: try typing see and a question mark.

Good luck. :lol: