Drop Cap?

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Re: Drop Cap?

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NisusUser wrote:Is it still true that NWP (2.0.6) does not support drop caps? This is the NW Express forum, but I actually had in mind Nisus Writer Pro, since that's what I have.
Neither Nisus Writer Pro nor Express support drop caps.

If you have Express and want to make your own, you could use the feature "Wrap Text Around Image", where the image in question was of a giant letter (your drop cap).
If you have Pro and want to make your own, you could use that same floating image, or use a floating text box with a giant letter inside.

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Re: Drop Cap?

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Thanks for the info!

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Re: Drop Cap?

Post by shawl »

I believe I have solved the drop cap problem...at least for NW Pro (I do not know Express).

Insert a text box and enter the letter you want for the drop cap. Make the character size and style the size needed to drop the number of lines you want. The important pallete is SHAPE WRAP. Choose "text never appears to the left of the shape" and then adjust the horizontal and vertical padding.

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