Footnotes with columns?

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Footnotes with columns?

Post by jay »

Is it possible to put columns in footnotes? I'm using a Mac OSX 10.4 and AppleWorks 6 - this does not apparently support columns in footnotes, nor will it allow a break in one, nor does it keep the formatting if copy/pasting from the main text.

Does Nisus allow this?

Further thought, I don't run Classic on this Mac, and am not sure if Nisus will work on Tiger?


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Post by Ryan »

You can have separate footnotes for separate columns, if that's what you mean. So, if I have a page with two columns, there will be two columns of footnotes. I don't think you can make separate columns just in the footnote section.

Nisus Writer Express runs swimmingly in Tiger. Download it and give it a shot!

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Post by joehardy »

As a recent Nisus convert (I was waiting for bullet and number lists, which I always need), I can verify that NWE 2.5 runs wonderfully in Tiger and also in 10.3.9 that I still have on my G3 iMac.

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