Strange Lines Through Text

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Strange Lines Through Text

Post by nikazu »


I've been using NWE 2.5 for the last few days as an MS Word alternative on OS 10.4. So far I love NWE's interface and ease of use, but one thing keeps bugging me: wierd, broken lines show up through full lines of text, which kind of makes the lines of text run together. Sometimes scrolling the distorted text out of view will get rid of it after I scroll it back into view, but sometimes not. Anyone else have this problem?

Thank you so much. And thanks to Nisus for giving us such a great alternative to that behemoth of a word processor, MS Word.

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Post by cchapin »

Hi, nikazu. Welcome to Nisus.

You can read more about the issue you described here.

From what this other discussion says, it sounds like this is a Cocoa issue that was supposed to be worked around in Nisus Writer Express 2.5. I guess it hasn't been. It shouldn't affect how documents print, but it is kind of disconcerting.

You might try changing the zoom to 100% or 200% and see if that fixes the problem. This was suggested in the other discussion. Unfortunately I don't think 100% is the easiest resolution for reading.

I experienced this issue with an earlier version, but I haven't noticed a problem recently. I do get the white lines while scrolling on occasion, but only then. (I'm using Tiger (10.4.2) on a 15" PowerBook G4 in case that makes a difference.)

Is anyone else still having this problem with version 2.5?


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Post by Ryan »

Actually, I was having problems like that earlier, but 2.5 seems to have fixed them.

I'm on 10.3.9.

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Post by jwx1 »

For me, the problem disappeared in the 2.5 rcs, but reappeared in the final release.


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Post by midwinter »

And I thought that was a feature.

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