Be careful what you make defaults

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Post by cchapin »

I think it would be simpler (for users, not necessarily for developers) to have a non-destructive autosave. It would be fairly simple (for the developers) to have Open as New File turned on by default (though I don't think I'd like that), but people also open many files from the Finder, so Nisus would want to cover those, too.

I know there are a lot of features people are clamoring for, and a non-destructive autosave isn't all that glamorous, but I think it's one that should get some attention soon after 2.5 is finalized. I don't think it would be all that difficult to implement, and it might prevent a lot of users (especially newer ones) from unwittingly overwriting their files.


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Post by Ryan »

Another thought, besides just a bit more control over the Autosave: what about turning Autosave on and off on a per-document basis? If there were a small button on the document window somewhere that toggled it, you could selectively turn it on (for your own files, for example), or turn it off if you're planning on doing a Save As...

The setting in the Preferences could be the default, and this toggle could just make exceptions.

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