Is there any news?

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Roger Larkinson
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Is there any news?

Post by Roger Larkinson »

Once upon a time, you were going to cure all ills by the end of April, or early May. No more problems with unstable columns when saving documents. No more footnotes at the bottom of the wrong column, obliterating those which should be there. No more difficulties, altering margin settings during composition. No more disobliging treatment when starting new sections of documents. In fact, causing your impressive application to work as intended.

Is there any news?

“Sneak peeks” are offered. Of what? What version of the operating system will be required for x, y, or z?

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Post by charles »

Hello Roger:

The next version of Nisus Writer Express will be 2.5. The sneak peeks you can currently get is more or less what will be available.

We decided for this release to make it available to users early on and to work out as many bugs as possible. We want to make this is something you can rely upon.

At the moment, we are finishing up the last dozen or so issues we have on our list and then we will release a public beta. We expect to get more bug reports at that time, which we will fix, and then release the final version.

In the mean time, the current sneak peeks are actually quite stable and many of the bugs you might have experienced in the past are fixed. I would recommend you give it a try if you have not already.

Charles Jolley
Nisus Software, Inc.

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Post by cchapin »

I'm running 2.5 alpha 4 on Mac OS X 10.3.9, and it seems to work fine.


Roger Larkinson
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Post by Roger Larkinson »

Thank you for your advice & encouragement. THANK YOU FOR FOOTNOTES THAT SEEM TO WORK PROPERLY.

My computer uses OS 10.3.9. You mention that NWE 2.5?4 really requires OS 10.4. Is there anything else that works better, apart from writing from the right?

After the experience of one of your correspondents, I have retained NWE 2.1.3 by adding “2.1.3” after it. It keeps company with the new version, and will work if you ask it to.

You are, presumably, still working on the COLUMNS:–

1. to provide a command to EQUALISE THEM;

2. to STOP THE COLUMN-WIDTH READINGS FROM DANCING AROUND & adding up to different totals, in the “Columns” palette;

3. to PRESERVE COLUMN & GUTTER SETTINGS STABLY, when saving documents with other than the default 0.25“ gap between them, especially in “Landscape” Page Setup.

With others, I am sure, I hope your efforts succeed!

With others, I also would appreciate the opportunity to draw text-frames on the face of the document, to highlight and summarise its content, or instruct others how to use it.

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Post by Tacitus »

cchapin wrote:I'm running 2.5 alpha 4 on Mac OS X 10.3.9, and it seems to work fine.
Alpha 5 is in use everyday with no problems, although having upgraded cocoaspell to the latest version the spellchecker will not now remember new words. I believe this is a common problem and has been reported as a bug although the fault may be with cocoaspell. I would downgrade to the earlier version, but I have no idea where the app puts stuff.

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