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Fles Save in Glossary Format

Posted: 2020-01-02 14:03:05
by Daniel Siegel
For reasons I haven't been able to understand, files that my wife is creating won't save. The message is that the file exists on a device that doesn't allow storage. When I checked the file in the finder, I saw that it seems to be a Nisus Glossary file, which is why I'm assuming it won't accept any changes after the first save. There doesn't seem to be any reason why this is the default format for the save and nothing I've tried shows why this is happening or how to fix it. I tried saving in RTFD format, but then when I open that file the same thing happens.
I hope I've been clear enough and that someone knows what this is about :x

Re: Fles Save in Glossary Format

Posted: 2020-01-03 09:34:30
by martin
Hello Daniel,

I'm sorry your wife is having trouble saving files. What you've described sounds strange, but let's go over a few things and see what we can do to help.

First, could I trouble you to please capture a screenshot of the actual error message on screen? Or at least maybe you could copy-paste the error message text? It's best if we know the exact error before making assumptions about it.

That said, I have seen system errors that talk about "permanent version storage". Here's a screenshot of this error that I found via Google. Is that the exact error you or your wife encounter? We have actually discussed this problem here on the Nisus forums too. It seems to occur if either:

1. The document is being saved on certain kinds of remote or detachable drives. -or-
2. The document is renamed or moved externally (eg: in the Finder) while it is open for editing in Nisus.

Do either of these situations apply?

Re: Fles Save in Glossary Format

Posted: 2020-01-03 10:48:47
by Daniel Siegel
Thanks for your response, Martin and I think you've identified the problem. I opened a new document just now in NWPro, saved it, added some text and moved the file to another location before saving. I didn't get the same message, but I did get one that said I don't have permission to write to that folder when of course I do. I'm now assuming that this message is the equivalent of the one she's getting with NWExpress. She is only trying to save the document on her internal hard drive, so it's not option one that you suggested and is likely the second one.

The screenshot you gave me a link to is indeed the one she gets.

So, do you think the message I get with NWPro is the equivalent of the one she gets?

Re: Fles Save in Glossary Format

Posted: 2020-01-03 12:36:19
by martin
Thanks for the additional information Daniel. It sounds like the underlying cause of the problem is the same for you and your wife, despite the different error messages. Both messages seem misleading. They're not generated by Nisus Writer but come from the system (macOS) in situations where the save fails.

It sounds like moving the file externally is the underlying cause of the problem. That should work smoothly because macOS has mechanisms (which Nisus uses) to track files even if they are moved. However, it seems something is wrong. I can't trigger the problem consistently — sometimes moving files externally works just fine — but it does occur often enough for us to investigate. I'm not sure if the fault lies with Nisus or macOS, but we'll file it as something to look into. Thanks!

One final tip: if you ever have trouble saving a file, trying using the menu File > Save Copy As. Although it can be a nuisance to sort out the duplicate file, at least no data will be lost. I hope that helps, and sorry for the trouble.

Re: Fles Save in Glossary Format

Posted: 2020-01-03 14:49:37
by Daniel Siegel
Thanks again, Martin. I also can't generate the problem consistently and we both had been using the Save As option as a workaround when needed. What is still curious is why her files were saved as Glossary file, which is what it says when I open Get Info or look at it in the finder. But that doesn't seem to matter so no need to respond. Saving was the real issue and I think that is solved.

I'll be curious to learn what you discover, whenever that might be.