Changing keyboard scripts

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Changing keyboard scripts

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I have a client using NW 6.5 under Panther (Classic environment). They have many documents from an older version of NW (I don't know the version, but can find out if that would be helpful). These documents contain both English and Hebrew.

The documents seem to open fine, but after a time the Hebrew sections of the documents seem to loose the fact that they are in Hebrew keyboard script and change to English keyboard script. The former Hebrew sections are displayed in an English font and look like gibberish.

Let me explain what I am observing. Normally, when the text cursor is in an English or Hebrew section the appropriate "flag" is displayed in the upper right section of the menu bar. When the documents become corrupted, the Hebrew sections no longer show as using the Hebrew keyboard script. The font is usually changed to Geneva, and can't be changed back to a Hebrew font.

Any ideas as to how or why this could happen?

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re: Changing keyboard scripts

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The file seems to have lost its "resource fork". Just to confirm this... do other things, such as bold, italic, as well as font size get lost?

In any case to "force" the "gibberish" back into Hebrew, select that text, press the SHIFT key and choose the Hebrew font your user wants from the Font menu.

Please contact if you continue to experience difficulty.
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