Nisus to RTF to Word

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Nisus to RTF to Word

Post by asianll »

Configuration: G4 Cube, 512kb RAM, OS 922, Nisus 6.0.2, Office 2001 SP1 (with security updates).

I am writing a mixed Chinese-English document in Nisus and trying to export to rtf in order to open and save the document in Word so that everyone else can read and/or edit the document. Export RTF works fine; import into Word either freezes Word or Word reports a file corruption. If I save the file as a Word file from Nisus Word will try to open it but does not read the Chinese text. [Incidentally, WordPerfect Mac 3.5.5 will not even see the Nisus-exported rtf file but will open the Nisus-exported Word file just fine.] Copying the contents of the Nisus file and pasting it into a blank Word files works fine so this is one workaround but I'm not sure what will happen with complex formatting. A Word-exported rtf file cannot be read in by Nisus. I've reinstalled from CD (both Nisus and Word), deleted preferences, and sacrificed a goat. A small one, though. Got any ideas here?

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Nisus To RTF to WORD

Post by stemfoort »

I don't know whether you managed to solve the problem in the meantime, but this seems to be something of a classic. It's not just Nisus, also Word seems to react to RTF (format defined by Microsoft!) differently than most other programs.
In short: Export RTF works mostly fine, except on very long documents (>> 100 p.) with many footnotes. In such cases, MacLink Plus Deluxe version 13.x or higher produces RTF versions that are well digested by Word, unlike other programs. (It crashes Adobe InDesign 2.x something terrible!)
So, if you need to transfer a lot of RTF material to Word, MacLink Plus Deluxe version 13.x or higher is a good investment.

Let me know how things are.

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