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Attachment encoding

Posted: 2003-05-19 11:56:48
by Quaver
Before I ask my question I guess I should tell you that I am a new Mac user after moving over from years of using a Windows pc. I pleased I made the move but it could mean I am asking stupid questions :(

I am using Nisus Email 1.6.1 but have had feedback from some of my friends that attachments are not always readable on other platforms, like Windows. Is this something I need to watch out for, or is there something I can do?

It would be great to talk to another Nisus Email user!

Take care


Re: Attachment encoding

Posted: 2003-05-24 15:12:34
by Neil Hughes

I've been using Nisus Email for a couple of months now (in OS 9), but so far attachments seem to arrive at Windows users without a hitch. However, I can't say I've pushed things too much in that regard.

Hope you get on OK with the app. - it's taken me a while to get used to it, but compared to the other clients I've settled on (or tried to) over the years (Outlook Express, Netscape 4.7x and 7, Apple Mail and Sweetmail on the Mac; Outlook 2000 and Netscape 7 on the PC) I prefer the simple and very quick interface while putting up with the limitations...

...OK, I admit it - for HTML mail that NE can't clean-up and display properly, and mailing lists that need threading support I use Mozilla 1.02 :wink:


re: Attachment encoding

Posted: 2003-05-25 00:05:22
by Quaver
Thanks for some useful tips there. I've found out, since I made the post about attachments that I may have downloaded the web page article the wrong way. I did warn that I was new :)

Take care