Desired Features for X Version

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Desired Features for X Version

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I tried this program when it was slammed in an OS X eMail client "shootout" article. I find that my presorting of the eMails prior to download is quick and more effective than any algorithm that I can create in other clients, Great Job!!! It seems overly intuitive to delete at the server instead of filtering and deleting later (let alone safer in this virus rich environment)

I would like to see the following:

greater integration with Nisus Express

The ability to activate links from within the eMail

Integration with the OS X address book (like PowerMail does) OR a way to extract addresses to your floating mail window (I love that thing) :D

I don't really need to see HTML in the mail window, will Express have this ability when completely integrated?

Are you considering the ability to select the encoding? I work in an almost exclusive windows environment with many different eMail clients as recipients and find that I need the flexibility to select encoding.

I love both products, Nisus EMail and Express beta. Keep up the great work. Glad to see you back on my computer (I dropped OS 9 years ago as I was an OSX beta tester).

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