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Pointless Article

Posted: 2013-10-22 00:23:11
by dave
Maybe it's just me but I don't see the point of this article? Did an editor tell this person to just write something about OS X Mavericks just to... well, write something? Why the inflammatory headline (I know the answer to that question, sadly)?

What am I missing here?

Re: Pointless Article

Posted: 2013-10-26 23:29:17
by Anne Cuneo
Well, what about showing off some arcane knowledge (may not so arcane in California, but in England, you know…) to let you appreciate the research skills of a journalist who couldn't say a word about technical details (how boring) but shares his discovery of Maverick-the-Dog, which has the added advantage of bringing him some money? I suppose he had a deadline, was desperate, he had to find something. A situation I have found myself in many times, and I know by experience how silly one can get in that panicked last-minute rush.

I like this forum, by the way. Fun.

Re: Pointless Article

Posted: 2013-10-27 00:17:23
by Tacitus
It's all about page hits……

Anything on that site that can shoehorn in a mention of Apple however tenuous the connection, is guaranteed masses of page hits from the Apple haters.

Re: Pointless Article

Posted: 2013-10-28 16:36:58
by martin
I actually found that article relatively interesting, since I'd never heard of Mavericks before OSX 10.9, even though I've been a California coastal dweller my whole life. Even if the article's information wasn't exactly critical, I enjoyed the little tidbits. These days everyone has to find their unique niches and angles to cover.