How do I report bugs?

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How do I report bugs?

Post by dave » 2008-06-14 00:02:00

The best way to report a bug (or other problem) to us is via the menu Help > Send Feedback from within Nisus Writer. When you use our feedback reporter, we can automatically collect a variety of useful information, like your system version and the type of Mac you are using. Doing this helps us more accurately reproduce the problem you are having and ultimately allows us to improve the overall stability of Nisus Writer.

How do I attach diagnostic data to my feedback report?
There are a variety of logs that are invaluable when trying to diagnose the cause of a potential problem. When you first open the feedback reporter you will see these logs are likely not yet enabled for collection:
checkboxes.png (11.78 KiB) Viewed 2333 times
You should checkmark as many logs as possible– the more we receive the better. The first time you checkmark a particular log, you will be prompted to grant Nisus Writer access to the proper log folder:
prompt.png (111.66 KiB) Viewed 2333 times
This file dialog will already have the proper folder selected (eg: the DiagnosticReports folder). You simply need to click the button to confirm the choice. The permission you grant will be remembered for the folder, so you only need to grant access once for each particular type of log.

Note: some of these logs may not exist. For example, if Nisus Writer has not crashed, the crash logs checkbox would read "no crash logs detected".

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