Working with new toolbar in 3.0

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Working with new toolbar in 3.0

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I have lost my Save icon in the toolbar. I tried to recreate it. There is no save-looking icon in the icon list. I found a PNG on the internet, it was 448 px square. The icon was too small upon save of the command and insertion into the toolbar. The toolbar was set to "large icons". How do you make an icon large enough for it to be big in the toolbar, or is this even an option? 448px square isn't big enough?

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Re: Working with new toolbar in 3.0

Post by martin »

I would guess the problem with the icon you found on the internet being too small is due to there being too much space around the icon. In other words, there's too much empty space (transparent region) around the actual visible graphic you want to use. I recommend that you crop the icon you found, so only the pertinent part remains. That way it will still be recognizable when it's in the toolbar.

To crop an image you should open it in Apple Preview, use the rectangular selection tool to select the subpart of the image that you want to keep, and then use the menu Tools > Crop. You can then save that image and use it as a custom toolbar item icon in Nisus Writer.

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