Search for (and optionally, replace styles).

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Search for (and optionally, replace styles).

Post by vwnisus »

I would know whether it is possible to search for styles (and optionally replace them with others)?

I cannot see any way of doing so with Nisus Writer Pro (2.1.8).

Some other word processors can do this (WordPerfect, Word, LibreOffice).

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Re: Search for (and optionally, replace styles).

Post by Vanceone »

This is indeed possible and in fact one of the strengths of Nisus. The easiest way I know is to find the style you want to replace... let's say Heading 1. Find it in the Style Palette. Select it. There's a gear menu in that palette, which allows you to find all in that style. Do that, then choose a different style for the selected text.

You are done.

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Re: Search for (and optionally, replace styles).

Post by phspaelti »

As Vance says the commands "Select All In Style" and "Select Next In Style" are available in several places:
  • In the Menu "Format > Paragraph/Character Style"
  • In the gear menu of the Style palette
  • In the menus of the icons in the status bar of the window (bottom right)
These commands will apply to the style(s) applied to the current selection.

Another method is to use the Find/Replace function of Nisus:
  1. Enter "Any" or "Any Text" from the "Wild Card" menu in the find box
  2. Apply the desired formatting (the "Formatting Sensitive" box should become checked)
  3. Find or Replace as desired

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