Editing NWP in Windows (10)

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Editing NWP in Windows (10)

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Dear Nisus community,
I really like NWP on my mac and use it for nearly any purpose of text work there. Because of other things, I came to have a Microsoft Surface now for working on travel. I'm surely not the first Person who wants to edit NWP documents on Windows, so which application(s) do you suggest to do so?

I want as much as possible to be preserved of the original Nisus RTF if saved again, to be able to reopen it on Nisus back on the mac and have anything as before, just e.g. with additional (text) content. Especially style sheets should not be destroyed but just be useable as before, preferrably also Images and tables (the more, the better of course). I experienced that even TextEdit on the Mac seems to destroy much, so I've become quite cautios...

Thanks for your help!

PS: I found this thread and its many app suggestions, but I don't search for an application that feels like Nisus, but just is as COMPATIBLE as possible for cross-plattform editing.

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