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New File Format

Post by foster13 »

In defining a Nisus New File under Preferences, is it possible to configure a single-page document which starts automatic page numbering on page two only if there is more than one page and if so, how?

(I tried by inserting a section break on the very top of the first page set to begin on the next page and then inserting automatic page numbering beginning in section two, but this defaults to a new file always opening with two pages.)

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Re: New File Format

Post by Hamid »

It should be possible.
Assuming you want page number two to start numbering at 1:

1. Set the Restart At 0
pageZero.png (28.19 KiB) Viewed 2242 times
2. Insert page number in header or footer.
DifferentFirstPage.png (20.83 KiB) Viewed 2242 times
3. Check Different First Page. (This will hide 0).
When the document has more than one page, the second page will start numbering at 1.

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