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feature requests/suggestions

Posted: 2014-01-15 03:30:44
by Matze
Hi nisus people,

it happens often, that I have got multiple documents open, which are different versions from one original, so that they look quite identical and I can not recognize at a glance which document is which. I have to read the file names and/or have to remember, which document is at what position on the screen (which is not too easy when working with my MBP 13)

My suggestion: it might help to differ the docs, if they looked different in colour. So would it be possible to change the colour of the paper for each document or as an alternative to change the colour of the pagebackground or show a versionnumer repeatedly written/stamped in the pagebackground? This way I could handle my versions as screenwriters do with their multiple paper-drafts of a screenplay.
I know I could use headers and footers to sign the docs somehow or colour the text, but I’d prefer an automatic solution, which lets me open a doc as a version of another and at the same time has got my usual font and format.

Best, Matze

Re: feature requests/suggestions

Posted: 2014-01-15 11:24:33
by Groucho
Hello, Matze

Have you taken a look at NWP’s watermark tool? It’s in Tools>Watermark…

Best, Henry.

Re: feature requests/suggestions

Posted: 2014-01-16 01:52:07
by Matze
Hi Groucho,

no I didn’t, nice one! Thanks for pointing me to it.
If one could automate that, kind of a stationery, that for example shades the colour of the watermark from dark to light the younger the document-version gets, that would be great.

Edit: I’ve shot screenshots from empty pages with differing colours and then chose the jpgs as watermarks, which colours documents differently. Great!
I still have to adjust watermarks for each document by hand, but it is a progress.