Vertical text w/in textbox

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Vertical text w/in textbox

Post by JLSchweitzer »

I have a textbox and I was wondering if there is a way to have the text oriented vertically, as if you were applying a label to the spine of a 3 ring binder.

Here's an example that might make everything clear:


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Re: Vertical text w/in textbox

Post by martin »

Nisus Writer does not have support for vertical text layout, inside floating text boxes or elsewhere– sorry. Probably the best workaround is to set the tail indent so that only one character fits per line, though this is a bit makeshift. I'll attach an example that shows the technique and results.
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Re: Vertical text w/in textbox

Post by rfwilmut »

Or did you want something like this? (second attachment)

Also a CD back in case it helps (first attachment).
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Re: Vertical text w/in textbox

Post by Elbrecht »

Hi -

the Unicode Standard has this: "Unlike the bidirectional case, the choice of vertical layout is usually treated as a formatting style; therefore, the Unicode Standard does not define default rendering behavior for vertical text nor provide directionality controls designed to override such behavior."

So how about tagging your text as HTML - and then opening this HTML in Nisus Writer Pro and saving as RTF.
Copy/paste then - maybe? - give it a try!

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