How to copy table with formatting from RTF doc into Nisus?

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How to copy table with formatting from RTF doc into Nisus?

Post by PDarbyshire » 2013-09-15 14:41:11

Hi Forum

I'm a brand new user and am working on a big doc with others who use MS word. I'm on MAC and IOSX 10.8.5

They sent me an rtf file with tables in it, created in Word that I need to add into the main doc.

I opened that rtf file with Nisus. Via rt click, - open with - Nisus pro

All good I thought, tables are there in the 'converted to Nisus' doc and look OK. I can go into cells and edit and formatting looks fine

BUT.... I just cannot copy and paste these tables into my main document that I'm working on in Nisus

I've tried every permutation of copy paste and nothing works.

copy paste just gives me text with no formatting

Choosing 'character attributes' seems to copy but nothing at all pastes in

tried the 'copy table' tactic from this thread's info but again, nothing but text

I also switched off my 'Copypaste' completely (as per Andreas in earlier thread) but no difference and it was also set to NOT copy paste as plain text

I'm almost thinking of copying my entire big report doc and pasting that in before these tables to make a new doc that includes them but I'm sure I'm missing something simple here.

Any help much appreciated,

Cheers and Best Wishes,


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Re: How to copy table with formatting from RTF doc into Nisu

Post by martin » 2013-09-20 16:43:01

Hi Philip: this should just work. If you have two NWP documents open, just select the table in one and paste it into the other. Since that's not working for you, let's go over the steps in detail and outline some pitfalls:

1. Select the entire table (ie: all cells of the table) in the first document. There are a variety of ways to do this:
a. Drag the selection across all the cells.
b. Place the selection into any table cell, use Select All to select a single cell entirely, and then do a second Select All to select the other cells.
c. Place the selection into any table cell and use the menu Table > Select > Table.
d. Select the table using the enclosing text area's characters (eg: the document body).

2. Copy the table. This seems simple enough, but based on what you've said there is one pitfall: make sure you are NOT copying the table as text only. For example, some users have changed the keyboard shortcut for Command C to "Copy Text Only". Try using the mouse to directly choose the menu Edit > Copy > Copy.

3. Switch to your other document.

4. Paste the table. You might again be wary about pasting as text only. Try using the mouse to directly choose the Paste menu to make sure.

Let us know how you get on.

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