Need page-up/down to move a whole page at a time

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Need page-up/down to move a whole page at a time

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The ShowTextWidth option is great, and I prefer it to ShowPageWidth when seeing how a paragraph looks. But now I need to see how each page looks. I can use ShowEntirePage, but I'd rather not waste the unused horizontal space.

Yet I'm battling to get NWP to show me a whole page (text width, without showing the unused space on the left and on the right). No matter how I adjust the window width, I can't get it positioned so that page-up/down moves up or down a complete page at a time. Yet when using ShowEntirePage, it always and helpfully positions the top of the page at the top, which is exactly what's needed...

Can we please enhance NWP with an option to do this. Or at least to fix NWP so that using ShowTextWidth, whenever the top is within a cm of the top, it repositions the top to be at the top. For anyone who uses ShowEntirePage, this extra option would give the same result, but with a smaller footprint on the screen. Highly desirable...
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