(more) Lost in Space

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(more) Lost in Space

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I wrote previously about Nisus getting lost between Spaces sometimes after waking up. That usually happens (when it happens) in connection with opening a file from the Finder.

The computer slept again last night, but Nisus was well behaved, until...

The preferences dialog was opened with two files open.
Nisus opened the Preferences dialog in a DIFFERENT Space than the one where the documents are open.
Disabled a glossary file, and closed the Preferences window.
All that was visible was the menu bar. Menus did not respond in that space, and Nisus had the open documents in a different space.

At no time during this sequence of events did I go to the Finder or access a Finder dialog.

Now I'll quit and restart, which is much easier bc the F1 bug is fixed. Thanks! (Using the 2.01 beta.)

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