Strange Behavior on Initial Save

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Strange Behavior on Initial Save

Post by agilefalcon »

I had just typed a letter and chose "Save" from the "File" menu. I waited to be prompted to name the document since I had not saved it since creating it (it was a short letter). However, the expected "Save As" dialog did not appear and the document was saved with the first line of the letter as the filename.

This is the first time that I have seen this behavior in any application. The initial save should always prompt you for a filename. Thereafter choosing "Save" would save the file with the existing filename. Choosing "Save As" would normally permit you to change the name of the filename.

Is this normal for Nisus (Pro)? Why would basic functionality like that be different from any other application and expected behavior?

Just wondering what the logic behind this is.

Chris Berardi
Fort Worth, TX.

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Re: Strange Behavior on Initial Save

Post by martin »

Hi Chris, it sounds to me like you have one of our autosave features enabled. In your Nisus Writer "Saving" preferences, did you by chance checkbox the option "keep new documents in Document Manager without asking me"? That's the only way you wouldn't be prompted for a file name when first saving a new document.

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