adjustable text size in TOC pane

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adjustable text size in TOC pane

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I wonder if a feature could be added to NWP to allow users to adjust the size of (i.e., zoom) the text in the TOC pane that alternates with the Bookmarks list on the left and serves as a Navigator? Word allows this, and I find that long TOC entries require me to open the pane too wide, encroaching on the screen real estate in the document pane. In Word I simply change the Style for the navigator pane, making the character size smaller.

It would make my work in composing long book-length texts so much easier.

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Re: adjustable text size in TOC pane

Post by jtranter »

Maybe better to have the text word-wrap to the width of the panel you have selected -- if possible, of course.

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Wrapping the text in the TOC or Bookmarks sidebar

Post by Bob Stern »

would be a great feature.

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