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Converting is unacceptably and painfully slow

Posted: 2009-12-09 18:02:43
by Derick
Something has to be done to fix the conversion speed in NWP on Snow Leopard. It takes well over a minute to open a 38K / 6 paragraph or so Word document that opens instantaneously in Pages and Word. If I were trying the program for the 1st time and experienced this I probably wouldn't stick with NWP. NWP's ability to convert WordPerfect documents while retaining most formatting was a big draw for me when I started using it but the huge drop off in conversion speed caused by relying on PPC converters in Snow Leopard is excruciating. I have switched back to a command-line converter built off libwpd for WP conversion, & using Pages for anything else.

Are there really no Intel binaries of the converters available?