lines, shapes and boxes

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lines, shapes and boxes

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I see discussion of this in old posts, but no recent responses, so I assume there has been no progress. I am currently trying NISUS. It seems that a deal-breaker is the absence of the capability of making text boxes, inserting simple shapes, & drawing lines (all possible in Pages). All the alternatives to Word seem to lack basic functions: Mellel is bad on sequential numbering; Pages is bad on sections (eg landscape sections) and cross-referencing; the others are very specialist. NISUS seems the best alternative, and I am surprised at the absence of these functions : the workarounds are clumsy (tables and characters). Any advice?

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Re: lines, shapes and boxes

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I can see where text boxes can be a deal-breaker; I'd love to see those, too. (Preferably ones where the behavior is set by styles.) But when it comes to shapes, I've always found it easier to go into a separate drawing program even when using a word processor that supports making their own. Currently I use Inkscape or Vector Designer. I'd rather the Nisus programmers work on improving and adding to the word processing features of Nisus, than reinventing the drawing wheel (most likely as poorly as most word processors do it).

What I would like to see is for Nisus to be able to pay attention to alpha channels or some other image information, to make text optionally wrap irregularly around an inserted image or EPS.

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