Sizing text in TOC pane

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Sizing text in TOC pane

Post by harryhoffner »

In the interest of conserving screen real estate, I would like to reduce the size of the font used in the Navigator pane to the left of the main text display. I can do this in MS Word, but I can't find a way to do this in NWP. If there is currently not a way to do this, it is a feature I would request for the next upgrade. If that is not possible--and I don't know why it would be--I would at least like to see word wrap in that pane. Right now, since some of my TOC entries are longer than 3-4 words, I cannot see the end of each entry without expanding the Navigator pane to the point where it narrows the main text pane too much.

I hope some more of you would like this additional ability.


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Re: Sizing text in TOC pane

Post by martin »

There's currently no way to change the font and/or size of the text in the Navigator pane, but I think it's a good idea. I'll file it as an enhancement request, thanks.

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