Access to EndNote from within NWP

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Access to EndNote from within NWP

Post by harryhoffner »

Although I have licensed copies of Bookends and Sente, I still feel more comfortable with EndNote as a bibliography manager for my academic writing. Currently one can access Bookends from within NWP and insert references. But if one uses EndNote, the in-text markers have to be inserted into the NWP document manually by switching to EndNote, copying the reference marker, then switching to NWP and pasting in. This can be exhausting, if you are writing a book, as I am. I would love it if NWP would add EndNote to Bookends as possibilities for entering bibliographic entries from within NWP. But failing that, does anyone have a macro that might accomplish this task? Or is that simply impossible, using macros?

I know very little about Apple's Automator, but I cannot see how that would accomplish the feat either. Can anyone help?

Thanks a million.

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Re: Access to EndNote from within NWP

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I recommend use of Keyboard Maestro for problems like this that require automation of two apps.

One could easily implement a keyboard macro to activate Endnote, bringing the reference library window forward so that you can locate the references needed for a given citation instance. Then, a second macro would copy the selected references from the Endnote window, switch to NWP, and paste the temporary citation markers at the insertion point. You can choose keyboard shortcuts to trigger both of these. The macros handle the chore of activating the two apps and accordingly the associated windows, so some of the labor is removed. I prefer such a system to the CWYW window provided by Endnote in Word 2004 (or earlier), which is a limited interface compared to that of Endnote proper.

Of course, one could implement this system in any keyboard macro program (there are several ones available), but I prefer Keyboard Maestro becuase it is robust and well documented.

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