Scrolling in full-screen mode

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Scrolling in full-screen mode

Post by robotank »

Full screen mode is driving me crazy because of its lack of scrolling options. After I fill the screen in full-screen mode (there are no page divisions), I'm always typing at the bottom of the screen which, on a MacBook Pro, means I'm looking at my fingers as much as the words. Many full-screen writing apps like Scrivener and WriteRoom use "typewriter scrolling," which automatically keeps the line you're currently typing in the middle of the screen. Is there any way to achieve a similar effect in NWP's full-screen mode? If not, this would be a nice addition to the next update. :)

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Re: Scrolling in full-screen mode

Post by ptram »

...and while there, maybe the scrollbar might be made of the auto-hiding type. Move the mouse pointer next to the rigth side of the screen, and it appears. Move it away, and the scrollbar disappears, leaving the screen all to the text.


Nick Sloan
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Re: Scrolling in full-screen mode

Post by Nick Sloan »

I'd like to add a vote for optional typewriter scrolling, in draft view as well as full screen. Let me explain.

I have been running one of my periodic looking-through-Mac-writing-software stints, and as always I have come to the conclusion that there is far more excellent software than any one person can reasonably use. It seems to me a good general principle to minimise the number of apps, and to do as much work as possible in the most familiar and comfortable software environment. Focussed writing apps like iA Writer and Byword are very tempting, but if the text has at some stage to be transferred into another app (such as NWP) for editing and formatting, their usefulness is diminished. Much better if NWP could borrow some of the features that make those apps so tempting: In this case, typewriter scrolling and the greying of all text but the current sentence.

I don't know how problematical this would be to implement in NWP (via an item or two in the View menu), but while draft mode is already pretty good, this would move it into a new class for me, and extend the usefulness of the app into significant new areas with almost no negative impact on the existing interface.

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Re: Scrolling in full-screen mode

Post by Patrick J »

I would like to see typewriter scrolling in Draft View and Full Screen View.

I really like Draft View but when your typing gets to the bottom of the screen then you are stuck down there, which is hopeless. The only way to have the typing taking place higher up the screen is to put in a lot of empty returns after the last line.

For Nick Sloan I will mention that when next having a periodic looking-through-Mac-writing-software stint I recommend you look at Ulysses III. For creative writing, or indeed any writing this is truly a superb application. I was doing a lot of academic writing a few years ago and I tried out all the writing applications at that time and I discovered Ulysses II as it was then. I did my academic writing with that. The new Ulysses III is totally rewritten and works with iCloud. There is a demo at the website. Exporting from Ulysses III to Nisus Writer is extremely simple and to be honest I would always do longer writing in Ulysses III then export to Nisus Writer.

Ulysses III uses a minimalist markup system and the implementation is superb. I find the minimalist markup to be ideal for writing. Then this can be exported with perfectly correct syntactical styles to Nisus Writer where you can apply more sophistication to the styles and text with ease.

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